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Mon, 12 Sep 2011 21:44:47 GMT
Still on break, now for Dead Island
It's been good to take a break from the mad coding-until-I-dropped. After a few weeks away, I'm once again starting to feel a slight urge to poke at code, but not quite yet.

In the meantime, lots of Dead Island. I think this is the zombie game people were hoping Dead Rising to be (well, those who didn't just want Dynasty Warriors: Zombie, of which there were a surprising amount). It's atmospheric but open, tense but letting you play at your own pace, deadly but with moments of surprising empowerment. Plus, mad loot. Go get it (on the PC) so we can play together - well, at least once I finish my singleplayer playthrough anyway.
Wed, 31 Aug 2011 18:14:32 GMT
Taking a break for Borderlands
There are inventory bugs, movement bugs, equipping armor still does nothing - but I'm feeling a bit tired and also not too bad about the state of the thing, so I might take a bit off. Not too long, because whenever I do that it takes a long time to remember what I was doing, but a bit. A week, maybe.

After that ... well, I probably won't tackle the bugs. I have a hankering to get the NPCs (and the default PC) fleshed out properly, which will mean getting some actual meaningful art in place. It'll still be snagged from the internet, but it should be right this time, i.e. actually reflect the critters in question. The PC will also get something properly orky.

After that, the armor. Finally, ranged combat. Oh, and I'll add stairs at some point. With all of that in, we'll have a functional dungeon, at which point I'll start making an actual game. Ha.