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I was working on the armor tables, figuring out how to do all the materials and types that I wanted when I realized I wasn't having any fun thinking about using them. All the copper steel bronze iron banded plate splint etc stuff was just so dry and boring. On top of that, dealing with all the slots (chest, hands, feet, legs waist, head) was starting to get on my nerves.

So I'm throwing it all out. My initial thought was to just have a few base items like Dredmor has, with a small scattering unique armors that will require actual decision making upon discovery. Things that will boost your X but hurt your Y, things that will improve ability A but you'll never be able to do B, and even a couple of things that are middle of the road but don't boost anything significantly. ADC then suggested the concept of "evolving" weapons - you might know this from such hits as Anvil of Krong or Din's Curse EGO weapons - where you can find components to bolt on to your leather jacket or padded tunic in order to increase its efficacy. That instantly sounded appealing to me, as I imagined that the killscreen would list the various aspects that you improved over the course of your adventure. Not just your character, but also your items would grow with you.

Which also neatly sidesteps the need to have a bunch of filler crap armor all over the place. To that effect, I'm removing all the non-vital items and just leaving in armor and helm. I want you to try and get attached to these, and when you come across something better it'll be a real decision point whether to swap or keep. Lots more design choices here as to the attachments and how to generate the base items, but already that sounds more interesting than adding Yet Another Chain Reinforced Leggings.

Along the same lines (and again ADC's suggestion) the concept of restricted "classes" is getting thrown out. A few differences in starting attributes don't really make for interesting decisions, and locking yourself to a playstyle isn't something I want to do either. Instead, Dweller will have races which will all have unique special abilities (and perhaps disabilities) for you to play with. Each race will also have further abilities down the level tree that get unlocked as you gain XP - some default, some optional. This is another fun design doc to play with, so (I hope) it will be pretty extensive.

You'll be able to further customize your dweller with skill trees but that's really for later. Late alpha/beta, I expect.

I also need to do this soon, as this site grows in weight: [mongodb.org] and this site needs a "credits" page.