Ranged combat, specials and info

Sun, 08 Apr 2012 23:54:27 GMT
Ranged combat, specials and info
A bit of utility work this weekend.

First, made sure ranged combat no longer ignored walls. In addition, I started a bit of work to eliminate the test code that simply threw new weapons all the time - I might reuse this as a spell at some point "Throw Illusionary Weapon", ha! but for now I want to stay firmly within the physical. So, creatures will only throw something if they actually have it in the inventory. AMAZING!

Next, I noticed I wasn't getting the info on mouse click anymore. I fairly quickly realized that the scrolling camera was at fault - I was getting absolute screen X,Y position, not world X,Y position. I added the current camera offset - seems to be working. I also added creature behavioral info to status clicks for debug purposes.

Finally, I started working on implementing some skills now that the skill overhaul is complete. Something is certainly happening, but ... I don't think it's what I want. For example, I have yet to see the goblin throw anything (maybe he's not picking it up fast enough and other critters beat him to it?), and the bat rather than move twice as fast moves ... HALF as fast. It will be interesting to discover why that is, but at least the skills seem to be processing properly using the new action counter (game doesn't hang like it did prior).

So, some progress. A bit of it backwards, but the problems are actually quite revelatory to me, so I'm pretty happy. I think I need more vacations. :)