Message log and crew UI

Fri, 20 Jun 2014 04:06:18 GMT
Message log and crew UI
Tags:gamedev unity
Things are starting to come together, slowly. I have the basics of crew UI, scaled down from the original over ambitious attempt to emulate FTL or Sub Commander. At some point the abstraction of manned compartments may become something more but right now I don't fully feel that is the core of my game.

I guess the sub is the star of my game, not the crew. FTL it's definitely the crew; Sub Commander straddles the line (well, the sub is more like the antihero in that one!); I want to tilt it more towards the sub, a la the SH games. You have to take care of it by keeping it fed with crew in the right places (be it stations or repairs) with the right actions, and ultimately deliver it to be in the right place to deliver the killing blow. As one does.

Is it just me, or does c# have too many storage datatypes? :P